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Freelancers or design agencies are only as good as the project brief you sent them. You need a design partner who can help you to connect business strategy with users needs, but hiring a first designer is hard, time consuming and expensive. By getting involved early in the process I can save you days on implementation. I will critique your designs so you’ll need less iterations, I’ll advice on customer research so you avoid getting in pitfalls, I’ll clarify design specs so you can get more out of your design agency or team.

What can UX advisor help with?

Product design critique

Ongoing reviews of upcoming features from the strategy down to the pixels. Help you avoid mistakes and spend time on unnecessary iterations.

Build UX roadmap

Help narrow the scope, prioritize features, and outline a product roadmap that meets the business objectives and customer needs.

Maximize design output

Help create clear project briefs and specs for freelancers and agencies to ensure you are going to get the results you want in minimal number of steps.

User research and idea validation

Identify opportunities where research can save months of building and experimentation. Provide guidance on conducting effective customer research.

Hire a designer

Gauge when the startup is ready to hire, provide guidance on the type of designers to look for, and help with interviews.

Mentor designers and build process

Coach early design hires and assist in establishing a design process that enables them to create consistent, high-quality work.

About me


I'm Andrey! I’m UX and Product consultant with more than a decade of experience, and I spent the last 7 years as a product designer and UX manager at Shopify. There I worked as a UX partner with product and engineering leaders managing teams, building product vision and creating best commerce experience. I also work with startups helping them improve their conversion rate and user onboarding.

My clients say

Andrey is a great partner to help you identify the core of your problem statement in order to propose the best solutions that make an impact for your users and product. With his depth of knowledge in the eCommerce ecosystem from his time at Shopify, he knows the best practice patterns that work and will leverage user testing to gather insights to help inform optimizations for the future. His process, timeline, and deliverables from the first day were clear, and he delivered on those outcomes.

Brit Tucker Head of Product, Upscribe

Andrey identified many improvements in our onboarding and provided a thorough report in easily digestible format. He explained the problems we suspected and pointed out the ones we had no idea about. His recommendations will help us reduce confusion throughout the entire product and activate more users.

Julian Colina CEO/Cofounder of Haystack


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